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The Denied Party Screening solution for small and medium-sized companies.
Companies need to be aware of the fact that the U.S. Government maintains several lists of entities and individuals who are subject to sanctions and generally with whom U.S. persons are prohibited from conducting business. Entities that are identified on the lists are subject to normally restrictions due to the following:

o Connections to or ties with embargoed countries;
o Involvement in certain types of activities such as global terrorism sanctions regulations or narcotics trafficking;
o Previous export control violations;

Conducting Denied Party Screening (DPS) is a key element of your compliance program and must be conducted on all ITAR and EAR transactions as well as EAR99 shipments. In the last year, the Commerce Department, Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS), has issued multiple Charging Letters to companies that did not use a viable Denied Party screening tool.

With ECScreening.com, you can screen all parties involved in your export transaction, save your results, create a custom search list and perform audits. There is also a tab for Country Alerts and Program Definitions.

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Founded in 2003, Export Compliance Solutions & Consulting (ECS) is a leading trade controls training and consulting firm renowned for its expertise in U.S export laws and regulatory requirements.

Providing an agile, team-based seminar and consulting approach, ECS is comprised of former government and defense industry officials. Experts in helping companies worldwide understand the complexities of the ITAR and EAR, the firm’s mission is to help clients build internal competencies and processes to meet competitive compliance challenges. ECS's highly trusted Training Academy holds ITAR and EAR seminars every eight weeks in a different location around the country—all focused on export compliance and technology transfer knowledge-sharing. The ECS Training Academy is considered one of today’s premier learning environments for new and established export compliance professionals.

For more information on Export Compliance Solutions & Consulting, visit www.exportcompliancesolutions.com.

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